FORMED: The Catholic Faith. On Demand.

  • What is FORMED?

    Nativity of Our Lord has partnered with FORMED, a digital platform offered by the Augustine Institute that provides all parishioners unlimited access to study programs, feature films, audio presentations, and eBooks.
    On parishioners' own personal electronic devices, we can be inspired by some of the Catholic Church’s best presenters, such as Bishop Robert Barron, Jeff Cavins, and Fr. Mike Schmitz, or simply enjoy a family evening with full-length Christian films.

    Thank you to the generous Nativity parishioners who made this one-year subscription possible!
    Unlimited Use for Every Nativity Parishioner:

    • Study Programs: 300+ episodes of transformational video-based study programs including accompanying study guides essential for discipleship
    • Audio Programs: 48 life-changing Lighthouse Talks for evangelization made easy
    • Movies: 40 captivating full-length feature films bring families together
    • eBooks: Dozens of inspiring eBooks to enliven the faith of both individuals and groups

    Click here and start being FORMED!

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